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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Fairtrade products and products without the Fairtrade Mark?

The Fairtrade Mark ensures that more of the money we spend goes to the producers - they received a guaranteed price for their goods even if the price on the world market falls. This guaranteed price keeps small-scale food producers in business, and provides a better standard of living for them and their families. The extra premium from Fairtrade has helped, for example, to build schools and install water pumps in developing countries like Africa and India.

Which products carry the Fairtrade Mark?

The Mark can be found on brands of tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate bars, cakes, honey, wine, fruit juice, bananas, pineapples, grapes, mangoes, nuts and more.

Where in the Wigan Borough can I buy Fairtrade products?

Some Fairtrade goods are available in Co-Op, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, and Oxfam stores. The Wigan Borough Co-Op Members Fairtrade Group are hoping that more independent local businesses will stock the products. This will only happen if customers ask for it, so please ask in your local stores for Fairtrade!

Are there any cafe's I can visit which serve Fairtrade coffee?

Unfortunately, there are very few catering establishments in the borough that give their customers the Fairtrade option. Marks & Spencer cafe in Wigan does serve it, and as soon as we learn of any others we'll add them to our directory - soon to be online!

Is Fairtrade more expensive?

The prices are not much different to regular products and start at pocket money prices with the Dubble chocolate bars and Geobar cereal bars. Some products may be slightly more expensive, but for the sake of a few pence it really is worth the knowledge that a proportion of your money is going to people who really need it.

I own a cafe. Where can I get wholesale supplies of Fairtrade tea and coffee?

If you would like to offer your customers a Fairtrade option, there is a wholesale catering directory which can be downloaded from www.fairtrade.org.uk, or you can telephone the Fairtrade Foundation on 020 7405 5942 for more information. There is also a directory for retailers. Alternatively the products can be purchased mail order from Traidcraft - email sales@traidcraft.co.uk Webstore: www.traidcraftshop.co.uk. If you do decide to serve Fairtrade, please let us know!

I already buy Fairtrade products. Is there anything else I can do to help?

If you already buy Fairtrade, thank you for your support! Tell your family and friends about it, and if you can't find the products in local cafes and shops, please ask them to stock it for you! There are special "Order Up" cards available from the Fairtrade Foundation which you can hand to local cafes and restaurants. Or why not become a Fairtrade School, Church or Workplace? There are many things you can do to help!

Wigan Borough Co-Op Members Fairtrade Group are keen to link up with groups or individuals who already support Fairtrade.

What are Wigan Borough Co-Op Members Group doing to help?

We are currently working towards achieving official "Fairtrade Borough" status for the Wigan area. We are well on the way to achieving this, but there are some criteria we need to fulfill before this can be granted. One of the criteria is to produce a directory of 35+ shops and 17+ catering outlets that offer two or more Fairtrade products to their customers. We hope to publish the directory by the end of the year if we can encourage enough local businesses to "Order Up" Fairtrade!

We are also encouraging local school, Churches and organisations to get involved as much as possible. Schools can hold themed assemblies or cover Fairtrade in lessons (see links page), speakers can visit groups to talk on the subject. Some churches now hold regular Fairtrade stalls and serve the tea and coffee.

Who do I contact?

To contact Wigan Borough Co-Op Members Fairtrade Group, telephone 01942 674 314 or email enquiries@wiganfairtrade.org.uk. For more information about Fairtrade, please log on to www.fairtrade.org.uk or telephone the Fairtrade Foundation on 020 7405 5942.